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Development cooperation is twisted

The idea of result based management is basically OK. I think most agree. What should be measured if not what has been accomplished? Lately, the phenomenon of “obsessive measurement disorder” in result-based management has been observed. And relevant explanations are given. http://bigpushforward.net/archives/516  and http://www.fuf.se/seminarier/ (in Swedish) These mainly concern the practice and application of RBM – the […]

Donor demands govern development cooperation

As long as there has been development cooperation, there have been critical voices against it. One of the more recent critical voices claims that the resources from the outside deform and corrupt – and deviate attention from local initiatives. See articles by James Shikwati http://www.africanexecutive.com/modules/magazine/articles_editor.php?editor=4 I think that those thoughts can be developed further. A […]